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Teaching English is a big business the world over. This is your opportunity to get in on the action. By signing up as an affiliate with the International University of TESOL Training, you will have the chance to earn up to 20% commission on every student you sign up for any of our programs. Affiliates generating more than 10 sales per month will receive 30% commission. Apart from these generous commissions, we also offer a two-tier commission program (5% for life) for any downline affiliates you sign up to the program. You could possibly make a very comfortable salary by just signing up 5 - 6 students per month.

We pay all affiliates monthly using PayPal. By partnering with the affiliate network Click2Sell, we've made the IUTT affiliate program one of the easiest, best-paying, and safest affiliate programs around. To become an affiliate partner, simply click on the links below.

TESOL Certificate Program Affiliate

TESOL Diploma Program Affiliate

Bachelor of Education in TESOL

Master of Education in TESOL Affiliate

Doctor of Education in TESOL Affiliate

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